January 10, 2012

my life: i need a haircut

It has been way too long since my last haircut. As a result, my hair has had plenty of time to grow past it's usual "time to get a trim" mark and is longer than it has been in a few years. I can't decide if I should commit to having long hair or revert back to my medium-length ways. My hair is a dark blonde color with some light streaks from the sun (although I do plan on highlighting it once I decide on a cut). My hair is naturally wavy, tends to get a bit frizzy in humidity, and is of medium-thickness, though more thin than thick. I do tend to wear my hair up a lot when I am running around for work, but enjoy styling it and wearing it down when relaxing.

Should I try out one of these stylish medium-length styles...

Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest

...or stick to long hair, but possibly add some long layers
and long swingy bangs?

Source: twitter.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Source: google.com via Kelly on Pinterest

Let me know what you think!* I could definitely use some advice...I'm not the best with picking out the right styles for myself. And I promise I'll post photos of the final choice! : )

*If for some reason you are having trouble leaving a comment, please e-mail me at beagleandbear@yahoo.com or leave me a comment on Beagle and Bear's Facebook page. Thanks for your help with this issue!

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