December 9, 2011

watch it: my 25 days of christmas

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White Christmas

Mickey's Christmas Carol

A Christmas Story

A Charlie Brown Christmas

For as long as I can remember, with the exception of a two-year period during my college years, my family has not had cable/satellite TV. When I did have cable at home and in my college dorm room, I greatly enjoyed ABC Family's 25 Days of Christmas. And as silly as it probably sounds, those Christmas specials are probably the number-one thing I miss about having cable TV. I just loved being able to turn on the TV on any given December evening or weekend and be bombarded by truly wonderful holiday specials. It just made the holiday season feel that much more nostalgic and fun. So this year, I decided to make my own 25 Days of Christmas list and then work my way through it. Check it out! Let me know what favorites of yours made the list, and which ones didn't that you think I should make an effort to see. The photos above feature just a few of the classics I included.

December 8, 2011

play it: 2011 holiday albums

Hello, everyone! I am sorry for my absence last week/early this week. This past weekend was the first meet for the high school swim team that I coach, so I was super busy with preparations and then catching up on the rest of my to-do list. Now that things have slowed down (slighty), I'm diving right into holiday-related posts. First up - my favorite 2011 Christmas albums!

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1. Christmas, Michael Bublé
Since I love Michael Bublé and his classic, big-band style, it's probably no surprise that his holiday album is my favorite new addition to my Christmas music arsenal. My favorite songs: "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas," "Jingle Bells (featuring the Puppini Sisters)," "All I Want For Christmas Is You," "Blue Christmas"

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2. A Very She & Him Christmas, She & Him
I adore everything Zooey Deschanel does, including her indie pop duo She & Him. If you've never heard them before, their holiday album is a great introduction. My favorite songs: "Christmas Day," "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree," "Silver Bells," "Baby, It's Cold Outside"

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3. Under the Mistletoe, Justin Bieber
I am not the biggest Bieber fan, but I must admit I do enjoy his music whenever I hear it playing. That being said, I decided to try out his holiday album. It is pure pop fun, perfect for dancing along to while decorating or baking Christmas cookies. My favorite songs: "Only Thing I Ever Get For Christmas," "Mistletoe," "Drummer Boy," "Someday at Christmas"

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4. The Christmas Album Volume 2, Glee the Music
Regardless of storylines, I always love the Glee soundtrack. I adored their Christmas album last year, and wasn't disappointed with this winter's second installment. Similar to Justin Bieber's album, it puts a new spin on Christmas classics in totally upbeat, fun way. My favorite songs: "Santa Baby," "Christmas Eve with You," "Let It Snow," "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"

What 2011 Christmas albums/songs are you enjoying this year? Also, you can check out other awesome Christmas albums here.

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