about me

Hi, I'm Kelly : ) I'm recent college graduate from a public university in Ohio, where I was born & raised. I'm both scared & excited to start my post-graduate life. I have a huge family that I love, an amazing fiance I adore, fantastic friends I can't live without, and the cutest (and craziest!) pets the world has ever seen. Spending time with all of them instantly makes me happy.

I enjoy tea, board games, museums, the state of Ohio, texting, funny TV shows, photography, yoga, cooking & baking, holidays, planning, collecting quotes, restaurants, the Cleveland Indians, crafty activities, driving alone in the rain, napping, reading books, blogs, & magazines, my iPod, anything related to social studies, the color green, sending people cards, pumpkin-flavored anything, weddings, coffee shops, journaling, Ohio State football, the movie theater, National Geographic, wine nights, traveling, home design, education, volunteering, being outside, musicals, laughing, trying to decide which season is my favorite, Vera Bradley, chocolate, free bar trivia, art history, bookstores, and brunch.

Contact me at: beagleandbear@yahoo.com
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