April 1, 2011

weekly gems

Today is my mom's birthday. My mom is wonderful and an inspiration to me. I have no idea what I would do without her, even though we don't always get along (probably because we are so much alike...right down to our looks!) My mom has always put family before everything else, but has still managed to earn a bachelor's degree, an associate degree, and a masters degree. She is compassionate, motivated, funny, and creative. I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday!

  • Love this spring/summer outfit! And these Reese Witherspoon photos.
  • The drawings of these gargoyles totally portray how I feel when I'm grumpy!
  • Ways to get toned without formal workouts and ways to exercise outside.
  • Movie news: a Monsters, Inc. prequel, a first look at Pixar's Brave, details on the new Muppets movie, and 2011 being the year of the mermaids?
  • This bread looks so good.
  • I want to move into this Lake Michigan cottage. A gorgeous cottage one of the Great Lakes? Seriously can't get any better.
  • Love advice from 9 year olds and 99 year olds...so sweet and wise!
  • Definitely want this special issue of Better Homes and Gardens! It would go well with any of the gadgets in this cupcake-making slideshow.
  • The friends everyone should have.


Rachel said...

the birthday message to your mom was really adorable :) and you guys really do look so much alike!

didn't have much time to check out all the links, but all the movie news sounds fantastic and the love advice was super entertaining! :)

Kelly said...

thanks for all the sweet comments love!

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