October 24, 2011

weekend wrap-up

This was a perfect fall weekend! Friday I left to visit Dan in Columbus, and that evening we had an amazing dinner at The Wine Guy. Afterwards, we ate ice cream and watched Paranormal Activity (which totally freaked me out!). Saturday afternoon Dan and I went shopping and out for lunch. In the evening, we all ate cake in celebration of Dan's father's birthday. (Also on Saturday, my alma mater won in football! Ay Ziggy Zoomba!) Sunday morning we ate pancakes and relaxed. In the afternoon we carved pumpkins, made caramel apples, drank apple cider, and went for a walk with Madison. Then I headed home to Cleveland. My family and I ate our last made-on-the-grill meal of the year, sat around a fire to chat, and ate pumpkin mousse pie and homemade apple crisp. Tell me about your weekend : )

Clockwise from top left:

Dan and I before dinner Friday night; Madison in the bat Halloween costume we bought her Saturday afternoon; pumpkin spice coffee and birthday cake; Dan and I with our pumpkins (a cat and a bat); caramel apple and apple cider with a goofy Halloween straw; sitting around the fire with my family back home Sunday night.

All photos taken via Instagram.

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