March 1, 2012

my life: happy birthday daniel

Today is my fiance Dan's birthday! I am so lucky, blessed, and grateful that I not only have him in my life, but that I get to marry him! : ) Dan is from Columbus, OH, and we met in college as members of the same teaching program. We worked together as peer facilitators for that program, shared a group of mutual friends, and took the same classes due to having the same major (social studies education). Over time, we became close friends, then best friends, then boyfriend and girlfriend. This past fall, we got engaged and have since began planning a summer 2013 wedding. I am so proud of all Dan does and who he is, and hope he has the best year yet! In celebration of his day and our shared love of history, here's a list of other great things that happened on March 1st. Happy Birthday, Daniel! I love you! : )

  • 1692: The Salem Witch Hunt began
  • 1781: Articles of Confederation were ratified
  • 1790: Congress authorized the first U.S. Census
  • 1803: Ohio became the 17th U.S. state (History of Ohio was the first class Dan and I took together!)
  • 1845: U.S. President Tyler signed the congressional resolution to annex the Republic of Texas
  • 1867: Nebraska became the 37th U.S. state
  • 1869: Postage stamps with scenes were issued for the first time
  • 1872: Yellowstone National Park was established and became the world's first national park
  • 1917: The Zimmerman Note was published in the U.S. (WWI is Dan's favorite topic to research and teach about!)
  • 1928: Paul Whitman and his orchestra recorded "Ol' Man River"
  • 1936: Hoover Dam completed and turned over to U.S. government
  • 1941: FM radio began in Nashville, TN
  • 1949: Joe Louis retired
  • 1961: Kennedy established the Peach Corps
  • 1966: Soviet probe crashed into Venus, becoming the first unmanned spacecraft to land on another planet (Dan loves to learn more about space and the world's space programs!)
  • 1968: Johnny Cash and June Carter were married; Elton John's first single was released in England
  • 1969: Mickey Mantle retired (Dan proposed to me by writing "Will You Marry Me?" on a baseball we played catch with!)
  • 1974: Queen began their first headlining tour in England
  • 1987: The Boston Celtics defeated the Detroit Pistons for the 2,235th win (Dan is a big basketball fan!)
  • 1995: Yahoo! was incorporated
  • 2002: Announced there is a possibility of water on the planet Mars
  • 2005: Honda unveiled its new Civic (which is the type of car Dan drives!)
  • 2008: The naming of the U.S.S. New York occurred
Some famous birthdays on this day: Glenn Miller, bandleader (1904); "Deke" Donald Slayton, astronaut (1924); Robert Clary, actor known for Hogan's Heroes - a show Dan & I love to quote! (1926); Robert Daltry, musician in The Who (1944); Alan Thicke, actor known for Growing Pains (1947); Bryan Winters, basketball player (1952); Ron Howard, producer and actor known for Happy Days (1954); Javier Bardem, actor (1969)

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Photo above of Dan & Madison, summer 2011

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