December 10, 2010

a good day

Yesterday was a good day. I had the last true classes of my college career, and I turned in my honors project. The honors project I started preliminary brainstorming and meetings on in spring of 2009. It feels AMAZING to have it done and behind me. After it taking me so long to finish and the stress of it, I thought I'd just feel relief. I do feel relief, but I also feel proud. I guess no matter what, hard work always feels worth it in some way.

On top of those excellent academic milestones, I had a wonderful night! I had my friends Eva and Julie over for dinner. I thought I'd feel exhausted after a long day of finishing my project, but it was actually even more empowering to do some cooking, especially for other people. We had piergoies, veggies, and cupcakes! Dinner was delicious and we had some truly wonderful conversation : )

Mrs. T's cheese and potatoes...boil them for 15 minutes
and then sautee them until they're brown. Yummm.
I also made some mini and regular sized strawberry cupcakes..
with no frosting because I forogt I didn't have any! Still tasty, though : )

The boyfriend, who has been super supportive throughout all the honors project saga, and who also ended his semester yesterday, wanted to take me out to celebrate! So after dinner, he picked me up and took me to go see...


It was wonderful! Sweet, charming, funny, gorgeous animation, perfectly written songs, that cute brand of Disney romance, and the importance of family. 2007's Enchanted, last year's The Princess and the Frog, now Tangled...I'm really enjoying this "Disney returns to fairy tales" thing. Hopefully we'll see some more of it! In any case, go see Tangled! It's worth a trip to the theaters, for sure.

What was a really good day that you had recently? Have you seen Tangled yet?


Poppies and Sunshine said...

I've been wanting to see Tangled. Glad to hear it is good! I've been hearing it's really cute!
Strawberry cupcakes sound good :)

Rachel said...

so proud of you for finishing your honors project!!! and celebrating with pierogies? parma girl through and through ;)

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