December 1, 2010

indians snow days

Happy December, everybody!! : )

This past fall was/has been especially warm this year in Northern Ohio. As a lifelong Ohioan, I really dislike it when the seasons aren't distinctive. I need four, specific seasons and I need them to occur when they're supposed to. That being said, it hadn't snowed at all in Ohio yet this fall/winter, which isn't super unusual but isn't super normal, either.

So, you can imagine my excitement when it SNOWED today! And it was fluffy, pretty snow that didn't even make the roads difficult to drive on. I think it's so neat that on December 1st the first real snow of the year happened : )

Speaking of snow and excitement, I'm really excited about the Cleveland Indians' Snow Days event that is going on this winter! I used to work at Progressive Field (it will always be called Jacobs Field in my heart!) and I am a big Indians and city of Cleveland fan. I'm also a big winter fun fan, and Snow Days combines all three of those fantastic things. The event features a mile-long ice skating track, a tubing slide/chute, walking trail decorated with lights, a snow maze, a fire pit and concessions, and heaters in the Indians home dugout (as well as plenty of just-for-kids activities). Doesn't this event sound awesome?! I can't wait to go!

Check out this artist's rendering of Snow Days:


If you're within driving distance of the Cleveland area and want to check it out, see all the info here. What do you think about the ideas for Snow Days? Has it snowed near you yet? What kinds of winter events are happening near you?

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