December 13, 2010

ugly sweaters

Hello, everyone! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty low-key. I worked, hung out with friends, cleaned, hit up Panera, and just generally relaxed. It was nice : )

How about a little fun for your Monday morning! Have you ever been to an ugly sweater holiday party? Maybe you and your friends have one every year. I myself am a fan of the ugly sweater fun (so much so, in fact, that I had an ugly sweater holiday party as a program when I was an RA last year!).

Well, if you enjoy seeing the ridiculous thrift store finds on your friends, look at this slideshow from Marie Claire. Here's a little preview:


And that's not even the ugliest me, there are some truly, fabulously horrendous ones. Check them out!

Are you attending an ugly sweater party this year? What has been your best ugly sweater find?


Meg said...

HAHA I love ugly sweater parties and am trying to get my family to have one for Christmas (they are sadly resisting!)

K. Bear said...

I just went to an ugly sweater party last Saturday! My best ugly sweater find is probably that one I wore to Katie's "decades" party a couple years back, the one w/ the random free Red Bull, haha. That sweater was pretty epic.

Daniel said...

You'd make the ugliest sweater look pretty!

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