December 20, 2010

guide guide #2: book-lover

If you're like me, you put off a good portion of your holiday shopping until the last minute -not always because you're procrastinating, but because this time of year can be so busy! Well, never fear. This week I present to you a series of gift-guides for the last minute shopper in all of us.

Gift Guide #2: For the Book-Lover in Your Life

A list of books to read, Amazon

Book light, Amazon

The Millennium Trilogy to read before the American movies are released, Amazon

A comfy reading pillow, Amazon

Gift card, Half Price Books

Canvas tote bag for library trips, Lands' End

One of the best books of 2010, Amazon

What ideas do you have for book lovers?

1 comment:

Lauren said...

don't forget a borders or barnes & noble gift card. oooh & kindles.

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