May 2, 2011

a real life fairy-tale

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty darn good, an excellent start to my "staycation" in my college's town before graduation this Saturday (student teachers don't have finals, so I'm thankfully getting a week to relax before commencement).

I know I talked quite about about the royal wedding in my last couple posts, but I can't resist one more post about it today! My favorite photos of the royal wedding:

Source: via Rene on Pinterest

Love this shot of the double kiss!


Just adorable!

Prince Harry fixing his new sister-in-law's train, so sweet.

Other things about the royal wedding that made me swoon: Both of Kate Middleton (now Duchess of Cambridge!)'s gorgeous, timeless, classy gowns; Prince William whispering, "You look beautiful," at the altar; the symbolism behind the bridal bouquet; the simple bridal band made from Welsh gold gifted by the Queen; Pippa Middleton's reception gown; and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's gracious and casual attitude the morning after the wedding.

Amidst all my Internet searches of the royal wedding, I found this photo:

After 64 years of marriage, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip still look at each other the same way. Here's wishing Prince William and Kate Middleton that same lasting love and happiness!


K. Bear said...

She was literally the most beautiful bride I've ever seen!! And her sister--hot damn! Someone get me that family's genes!

Kelly said...

Have you seen their mom? She's gorgeous, too!

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