June 6, 2011

(belated) weekly gems

I'm sorry for my absence last week. Things got unexpectedly busy. The blog should be back to normal this week. And with two posts today to help make up for it! : )
  • Tips on how to have a happier commute!
  • Some awesome summer nail polish ideas.
  • Great summer entertaining tips here and here.
  • Do you use Twitpic? If so, you probably want to read this news.
  • This remodeled airstream is gorgeous and comfy-looking.
  • I adore this contemporary Chicago home, too.
  • Desktop wallpaper for June here and here.
  • I love reading lists of what makes people happy.
  • Yummy banana pudding for grown-ups.
  • An excerpt from Mindy Kaling's book! I'm so excited, can't wait to read all of it!

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