June 13, 2011

get fit get strong

Earlier today I posted an update on my New Year's, All Year Challenge, and mentioned that I am starting an exciting new journey as part of my effort to complete one of my most prioritized goals, reaching a healthy BMI. In case you don't know what I am talking about, BMI stands for body mass index, which WebMD explains as follows: "BMI is used to find out if a person is underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese." BMI is not foolproof - it doesn't take into account people who higher muscle mass or women who are naturally more "pear" than "apple" shaped. However, it is a good guideline to follow, and according to it, I need to lose about 40-50 pounds.

In the past, my BMI always hovered a bit into the overweight range, because I swam competitively and had a high amount of muscle mass. I hope not only to lose weight to lower my risk of disease and feel more confident, but also to grow stronger and have more energy. Quite simply, I hope to get toned as I lose weight. So once I am around the 40 pound mark, I will also reassess my waist-to-height ratio, which better assesses people with high muscle mass. Right now, my waist-to-height ratio is .05 higher than it should be, putting me at WebMD says is an increased risk - basically, between what they term "healthy" and "take action" body shapes.

Have I been making efforts to reach a healthy BMI and waist-to-height ratio? Yes. I have been eating more fruits and veggies, reducing my portion sizes, working out more. Have these efforts been consistent? Not really. I let my health take a backseat during college, but now with college behind me, and so much ahead of me, I want to be healthy and strong.

I am going to make consistent, full-fledged efforts to do so. My efforts have been getting more regular, but to be completely honest, this big push to get health was inspired by two things: 1) once again reflecting on my New Year's, All Year Challenge goals, and 2) Kelly (of Fabulous K)'s new blog, Skinny, which has an excellent focus on positivity, community, and accountability.

Accountability and community are key for me. When I was in high school, swimming kept me healthy because I had a set routine and I had teammates and coaches who depended on me. Accountability and community are what I need again, and here is how I am going about getting them:
  1. I've started a new Twitter account, @getfitgetstrong. I decided to go the "micro-blogging" route rather than starting a separate blog because I can use my iPhone to easily and briefly update Twitter on the go.
  2. Every Monday, starting next week, I will do an extended "Get Fit Get Strong" update in the form of a blog post here on beagle and bear.

If you have a Twitter account, please follow @getfitgetstrong and cheer me on - I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't have one, I would love if you still checked it out every now and then and sent me some positive vibes (either mentally, via a comment here on the blog, or via e-mail)! And of course, I look forward to sharing greater details of this journey with you every Monday.

Do you have any fitness goals right now? What motivates you? What steps are you taking?


Alexandra Rae said...

Congrats Kelli! That's a big step!

I'm trying to reach a healthy weight too-- I admire you for being so open about it on your blog!

Good luck with everything! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress!!

Sunset97 said...

just wanted to say "hi" and i think it is great that you are trying to get back to a healthy wieght and etc.
i started my healthy journey which will be one yr ago in 8 days....and i still have a long way to go....that's why i'm on team skinny too (Daily Bubbles)....you can never have enough support and accountability and etc. and i also like being a cheerleader for others too....

sounds like you are on the right track...!! keep up the attitude and good work...!! :)


Kelly said...

Thank you, Allie! I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone!

Thanks Tracy!! I appreciate the encouragement and I'm excited to be on Team Skinny with you! : )

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