June 7, 2011

(twenty-two) things that are making me happy

Hello everyone! Today is my 22nd birthday! : ) My 21st year was filled with wonderful times with the people I love, lots of hard work, plenty of reflection, and tons of the "little things" that brighten life. I hope my 22nd year is just as blessed and adventuresome! To start it off right, here are 22 things that are making me happy as of late:

  1. Iced black coffee
  2. Comic book movies
  3. Presto Pink nail polish
  4. Quality time with family
  5. Starting my summer job as a lifeguard
  6. Visits with Dan and his family
  7. Long walks with the dogs
  8. Going to Indians games
  9. Apple slices dipped in peanut butter
  10. Reading favorite books
  11. Naps on the porch swing
  12. Trips to Bowling Green to see friends and visit favorite places
  13. Cheers marathons via Netflix Instant
  14. Pub trivia with friends
  15. Morning workouts
  16. Days filled with sunshine
  17. The treats I can make with my birthday present (thanks, Elizabeth!)
  18. Catching up on favorite magazines
  19. Striped sundresses
  20. Chocolate-covered bananas
  21. Picking out picture books for little kids
  22. The flowers my dad picked for me for my birthday, pictured above : )

What things are making you happy as of late?

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