July 25, 2011

bucket list: fitness edition

Hello, everyone! I hope you're doing well. Sorry for my absence - I was working and visiting Dan in Columbus, where we drank a lot of coffee, ate yummy meals followed up with ice cream, watched movies, read books, went for walks, and just generally relaxed. It was a wonderful mini-vacation with one of my very favorite people : )

I'm a month into my fitness journey, so I've decided to stop with the weekly summaries and just to blog about health and fitness in general on Mondays (though I will give updates still from time to time, and will of course be tweeting). Today I want to share with you my "Fitness Bucket List," or my list of exercises and physical challenges I hope to complete someday:

- Kettlebell workout
- P90X
- Biggest Loser DVDs (Cardio Max and Power Sculpt)
- Yoga class
- Spinning class
- 5K
- 10K
- half marathon
- pilates
- hiking (legitimately)
- rock climbing
- kayaking
- horseback riding
- cycling race
- Masters swim meet
- triathlon
- BodyPump or similar class

Have you done any of the activities on the list? What did you think? What would make your own fitness bucket list?


Anna Elder said...

my husband and i did p90x together. it was hard, but one of the best accomplishments i can say that i have done. i've also just started a couch to 10k program! good luck to you!!

Kelly said...

Thanks! I am going to start Couch to 5K next week!!

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