July 5, 2011

get fit get strong recap: weeks two and three

Overall summary - Both Week 2 and Week 3 started off well (eating decently and working out), but then fell apart as the week went on, which is similar to how Week 1 went.

Healthy eating - Same problems as during Week 1, in that I am struggling with eating well when out with friends and avoiding the concession stand at work. I think I am doing a bit better with eating well when out with friends, but I need to get better about not eating unhealthy snacks at work. I think I just need to make sure I pack a variety of snacks to choose from and not bring any cash with me, as well as stay hydrated so I don't mistake thirst for hunger.

Exercise - I didn't exercise as much as I wanted to, but I did do some activities other than just walking the dogs, which is good.

Attitude - Similar struggles to Week 1. I tweeted this on Thursday: "It boils down to a lack of discipline. I need to push myself. Not for perfection, but for my best effort. I am only hurting myself." I used to be such a perfectionist, and I still am, in many regards. But I am also aware of my perfectionist tendencies and how they worsen my anxiety, so I often try to resist pushing myself too hard. I have especially done this with getting in shape because I didn't want to develop any other negative eating or fitness issues. I think I've taken it too far to the other extreme of not being disciplined and motivated, though. I need to be mega-determined again, just more forgiving and encouraging to myself when I slip up rather than negative and harsh.

Goals for Week 4 - I have a few goals for Week 4: (1) Track my food every day using My Fitness Pal. (2) Walk the dogs every day. (3) Use habitforge to help me achieve 1 & 2. (4) Work out at least 3 times using 30 Day Shred or Nike Training Club.

Other Notes - I've decided to work toward a sort of prize. Every day I track my food, I set aside a dollar. Every time I walk the dogs, I set aside a dollar. Every time I work out, I set aside a dollar. Eventually, over the course of a month or two, I will have enough money for this. I plan to have it engraved with some sort of phrase or quote that reminds me what determination and hard work can achieve. So, not only will I have enough money for a pretty and inspiring piece of every day jewelry, but I will have formed strong new habits.

Anyone have tips for how to handle slip ups without being too hard on yourself?

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