July 11, 2011

get fit get strong recap: week four

Overall summary - Week 4 was my best week yet!!! : )

Healthy eating - I ate healthily four days in a row! I feel sort of silly being so excited by this, but whatever, I am! And by "ate healthily," I mean I ate less processed/junk food and ate correct portions of decent food. Tracking my food using My Fitness Pal really helped me accomplish that. I am starting to crave fruit and water more, and sweets and diet soda less, which I find very exciting!

Exercise - I walked the dogs multiple times. I did the 30 Day Shred twice - the first time, on level one (of three) like I have been for months, and the second time, on level two. Level two felt AMAZING - so hard, but I knew I could do it and do it well (the quote above kept me going, in fact!). I can't wait to do it again! : )

Attitude - I feel so much better than I have been. To be honest with you, at the beginning of week four, I felt like I was failing. I was thinking, I keep trying, I do well for a day or two, and then I lose all my progress. I just need to focus. I kept thinking to myself: "Discipline. Dedication. Determination." Over and over and over. I pushed myself, I kept going, and now I am doing it, I'm really doing it, and it feels great! I'm so glad I stuck it out to Week 4!!!

Goals for Week 5 - This week is going to be pretty busy with some traveling regarding my full-time job search and with my part-time job schedule, but I aim to work out at least three times and walk the dogs on the days I don't work out (hopefully, I can fit in short walks on the days I do work out as well, but walking is the bare minimum activity I want to be accomplishing every day, no matter what). I also aim to continue honing the healthy eating habits I started doing well with during Week 4.

What fitness milestones are/were you excited to reach?

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