February 24, 2012

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The Everygirl was created by Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, two lovely ladies from Chicago who met through the blogging world, forged a friendship, and discovered they had common goals and ideas. Soon The Everygirl was born for "creative, career-driven" women. Its mission is simple and admirable: inject fresh perspective, never skimp on the details and advice, remain budget-friendly, and to "always remember what it was like when we were first starting out." More background information about The Everygirl's purpose can be found here, while more information about Alaina and Danielle can be found here.

Content - Main Components
The main components of The Everygirl are its features on career, fashion, finance, living, travel, and health. The Everygirl also has a blog, which is updated five days a week and contains posts on such categories as Blogwatch, giveaways, job postings, The Everygirl updates, and Use Fancy Words.

Content - Other Elements
One of the major aspects of The Everygirl that clearly and immediately sets it apart from similar sites is its Handbook concept. Basically, in addition to reading features as they appear on The Everygirl site, readers can also download, e-mail, save, and print features from the Handbook section of the site. There, each feature is compiled into a magazine-like format for readers to keep and use just like they would a print magazine. On a more minor note, the site also contains links to The Everygirl on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Tumblr, as well as a live Twitter feed and a Facebook "Like" box. Of course, The Everygirl also features contact information.

Styling and Ease of Use
The design of The Everygirl is all-around fantastic. Its logo, colors, and graphics are simple, bold, and beautiful. The home page is pleasing to the eye, and allows readers to begin browsing and using the site without any trouble. Visitors who would rather use the navigation bar to get to specific pages won't be disappointed, either. Each webpage is well-organized and aesthetically pleasing, as well. Often, the webpages are actually a grid of images of the content related to the topic of the webpage. Hovering over an image will cause an headline and excerpt/description to appear. The features grid can actually be sorted even further by clicking on a specific category in the features drop-down menu on the navigation bar. Once a reader has selected a feature, it can be enjoyed by scrolling through a large photography slideshow at the top of the page and reading the article below. Some articles are even interactive - if the article features products available for purchase online, readers can click on the image and be taken to the site that sells it.

Personal Thoughts
I know The Everygirl only launched this week, but I am already totally in love with it. I was looking forward the debut of another lifestyle-blog-esque site from bloggers I enjoy, and The Everygirl exceeded my expectations. I appreciate the overall purpose and goals of the site, adore the About and Co-Founders pages, love the overall design of the articles and the site itself, and greatly enjoy the content. I can't wait to visit regularly and gain plenty of ideas, inspiration, and guidance from such a pretty and upbeat resource.

**Information for this post gained from browsing the site and reviewing this blog post. All photos are screenshots of The Everygirl and not the author's original work.

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