November 18, 2010

bookmark it: boutiques

a screenshot of my boutiques profile!

Have you guys heard about Google's latest website? It's, a fashion website. And it's awesome.

Basically, anyone can make a profile, or a "boutique." You answer questions about your style preferences to set up your profile. Once set up, you can go around the website, looking at other boutiques (of celebrities, bloggers, designers, retailers, trends, featured, etc.). You can mark items as love or hate (and explain why you feel that way). You can save items to your boutique under "favorites." You can follow your favorite boutiques and get notifications when new items are added to favorites, and leave comments for the "boutique owner" to see.

It's pretty darn cool - fun, inspirational, a good substitute for actually shopping (although the website does provide links to buy products), and super addicting. I can definitely see myself relaxing in front of a funny TV show or movie after a long day, with a cup of hot chocolate and my computer on my lap, tuned into the boutiques website.

If you go to the site, be sure to check out my profile! My username is "Kelly [Beagle & Bear]"

Are you going to check out this site? Do you think it's a cool idea? Let me know - and link up your boutique in the comments if you make one!

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