November 29, 2010

weekend wrap-up & the holiday season

isn't she just the cutest?! under the tree at the boyfriend's house

Hello, everyone! I hope you had a great weekend! I did - I shopped (got some of the boyfriend's presents!), hung out with my cousin, visited my grandma, watched the Ohio State/Michigan game (GO BUCKS!), did a good deal of homework, watched The Holiday (one of my favorite movies - great story, romance, comedy, awesome actors/acting, Christmas, etc.), had a second Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and sister, and went back to school early-ish to work on more homework and run some errands.

Now that the holiday season is fully and officially upon us, I am definitely looking forward to some specific seasonal activities, like:
  • Decorating!!!
  • Hot chocolate of every flavor
  • Holiday specials & movies on TV
  • Candy canes
  • Snow days
  • Holiday music
  • It's A Wonderful Life, Holiday Inn, White Christmas, & Scrooged - on DVD, uninterrupted
  • Shopping! and just generally being in shopping locations, fully decorated, and filled with people
  • Making paper snowflakes
  • Making the dogs wear reindeer antlers
  • Christmas cookie baking
  • Christmas cards
  • Holiday get-togethers with family and friends
  • People smiling more & giving back
  • Tons of little special traditions

And so much more!!

What did you do this weekend? What are you looking forward to this holiday season?

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