November 12, 2010

weekly gems

highway in Northwest Ohio, spring 2010

It's been a long week that wrapped up in a long day today. It makes me in the mood to go on a road trip somewhere and have a mini-vacation...of all the destinations I can think of, I'm craving my parents' home the most! Makes me nervous about possibly being more than two hours away from them next year, but I'm sure wherever I end up it will be a great adventure! Overall, I'm just excited it's the weekend. I'm ready to drink coffee, cuddle with the dog, read magazines, and knock a lot of things off my to-list!

Moving on to...Weekly Gems! Weekly Gems will be my Friday post about my favorite Internet findings of the week.

  • I adore all of these vintage little black dresses. Especially the one with the white trim.
  • I love everything in this holiday gift guide - especially the coasters, mug, nail polish, & Emily's goals for the holiday season.
  • Can't wait to read this book.
  • I love people who love their pets, and even more I love people who blog about that love.
  • Lately, I haven't been able to get enough of Kate Spade - so you must understand why this book is now on my Christmas wish list.
  • I always enjoy reading Makeunder Your Life, but I especially enjoy its Design Your Life series. This week's edition really spoke to me - just wonderful : )
  • Love this wedding & the story behind it. This one, too.
  • Every weekend I long to be a Mrs. Sunday.

What are some of your favorites finds from this week?


Courtney said...

you're adorable. So I have to blog on this website for a class so I decided I should probably start commenting lol

Nicole said...

Aww, I love this idea of weekly gems! I absolutely adore those little black dresses, too! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, dear!

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