November 16, 2010

a royal engagement


So Prince William and Kate Middleton are engaged!! Congratulations to them! Apparently they've been secretly engaged since October, but it was not announced until now. For some reason, I am a fan of Will and Kate as a couple and always feel drawn to read stories about them, so I'm very excited about this! : )

The prince gave Kate his mother Princess Diana's engagement ring. He said it was his way of honoring his mom and incorporating her into the celebration of their impending marriage. From the bit of feedback I've been reading on the web, some people think it was a bad idea since Charles and Di's marriage ended in divorce. Personally, I think it is super sweet and a wonderful way to honor his mother and future wife, to link them together in such a way.

Also, it was reported Prince William asked Kate's father for permission before he proposed. Love it!

Can't wait to hear about the plans for this sure-to-be huge wedding!

What do you all think about Prince William giving Kate his mother's engagement ring? Are you excited for a royal wedding?


Daniel said...

I read an article about their engagement on NPR this morning so I could converse with you about it later, because I knew you would be all over it :-)

Courtney said...

I saw this this morning as well. I am excited! however I feel like Prince William is losing his good looks...that would be awful! :)

Kaylyn said...

This will be the first time in 350 years that the heir to the throne has married a commoner!
Also, I laughed when I thought of Prince William asking her dad. Like her dad was going to be like, "Actually, I'd rather my daughter NOT marry a prince and one day be the queen. Could you maybe find her a felon or something...?"

Kelly said...

Hahaha I know, right? What would Prince William have done if her dad was like, "NO!" Put him in the Tower of London?

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