November 24, 2011

things that are making me happy (and grateful!)

  • Celebrating Thanksgiving with my family, and all that celebration entails
  • Favorite Thanksgiving foods like cranberry slices from the can, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, green beans, sweet potato casserole, strawberry pretzel jello, pumpkin pie (pictured above), sugar cookies shaped like turkey, and, of course, actual turkey!
  • Helping my dad put up our outdoor Christmas lights
  • Walks with my dogs during which they run through fallen leaves
  • Baking mini-muffins and cookies
  • Watching the high school swim team I coach grow closer as a group and improve athletically as we prepare for our first meet!
  • Discovering where Zumba classes are offered in my area
  • Exploring all the gift guides my favorite sites and blogs are publishing (a round-up will be coming soon!)
  • Waking up to sweet voicemails from Daniel
  • The weather being cool enough to dress in layers, scarves, and boots, but not snowy and cold enough to be an everyday challenge
  • Getting sucked into ridiculous movies my dad finds on the broadcast TV's digital sub-channels
  • Drinking big cups of tea and coffee (homemade or Starbucks holiday drinks) while curling up with a big blanket and a good book (like this one)

What is make you feel happy and grateful today? I hope lots - Happy Thanksgiving!

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