February 14, 2011

my life: happy valentine's day & a blog break

Hi, everyone. Sorry for the late post today and for not being an awesome blog reader/commenter the past couple weeks. My time has been totally taken up with student teaching (trying to learn the best methods for my students, learning how to plan and assess well in general, adjusting to the full-time job schedule of teaching, etc.), and when I haven't been working on student teaching, I've been watching movies and sleeping in efforts to relax and not get sick. This week is going to be even busier, so I'm going to take a break from updating until Friday. I plan to be back full-force with some awesome posts next week. In the meantime, check out the blogs under recommended reads, have a great week, and enjoy the valentine from NPR below : )

1 comment:

Moosemom said...

Hope you had a happy Valentine's Day.
You sound very busy with student teaching. So glad you are taking some time out to relax.

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