February 8, 2011

my life: seven things

The "seven things about me" post has been circulating the blogosphere as of late, so I decided to take a cue from Mackenzie of Design Darling and do my own edition of it. Here we go!

1. I attend Bowling Green State University in Bowling Green, Ohio. I am studying AYA Integrated Social Studies Education (grades 7-12). I am currently student teaching and I love it!

2. Nothing is more important to me than my family. We are a crazy bunch, and we might get on each other's nerves, but we are always there for each other. I am proud of the fact that in addition to an amazing immediate family, I have a huge, close extended family. I wouldn't trade a big family for anything!

3. I love Ohio, and more specifically, Cleveland. Both get a bad rap and are totally underrated. I am incredibly grateful I got to grow up where I did and will always, always love it.

4. I adore holidays - any holiday. I'm a big fan of traditions and holidays are chock full of them (as well as family get togethers)!

5. Music plays a central role in my life. I don't think I go a day without listening to music and I have playlists for every occasion. I actually played alto saxophone for seven years before I started college and didn't have time to anymore with my schedule. (I would love to get back into, but I'm a little stumped as to how when I live in an apartment. Any tips?)

6. In addition to my family, my life would not be complete without my friends. College has definitely taught me a lot about friendship, and I'm so grateful for the caring and fun people I have in my life. Similarly, my life today would not be the same without my own little family, my boyfriend and our dog Madison. I love any time we get to spend together.

7. I love movies and TV. Before I realized I was meant to be a teacher, I planned entering the entertainment industry or becoming a film critic. I love watching both old and new movies and shows, and totally get into trivia, behind-the-scenes material, and award shows.

1. Bowling Green campus, fall 2009
2. Family, summer 2009
3. Cleveland skyline as seen from the Flats, summer 2009
4. My dad as Santa Claus, winter 2010
5. My friends Kaylyn and Sarah, along with myself, summer 2007 (at our last marching band event!)
6. Dan and Madison, fall 2010; Elizabeth, Courtney, Katie, Sarah, and myself at Alpha Phi Omega semi-formal, fall 2009
7. Netflix DVD and movie tickets, spring 2011

What are seven things about you? Leave a comment listing them or with a link to your seven things post!

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