February 18, 2011

weekly gems

How was your week? Thanks or being patient with me this week when I took my sudden blog break. It was very much needed as this was the craziest and longest week of the year so far. However, I've come out of it feeling on top of things and optimistic. My Facebook status last night read: "First month of student teaching down...after some crazy & frustrating days, I feel like I'm finally on solid ground. Is teaching even more challenging than I thought? Definitely. Still worth it? More than I can say."

  • Loving this fashionable bunny!
  • How fun are these cha-cha-cha directions?!
  • Entertainment news: first look at Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man costume, interview & video with Topher Grace about Take Me Home Tonight, Tim Allen returning to TV!, Something Borrowed movie trailer, and road to the Oscars fun.
  • Further proof Google is taking over the world: they now have awesome FREE wedding planning tools!
  • Are you a Joseph Gordon-Levitt fan? If so, this tumblr is for you.
  • The description and photo of this salad literally made my mouth water.
  • Love love LOVE this idea and the adorable cookies that go along with it!
  • Obsessed with Artessen.
  • I can't stop looking at photos of this garage converted into a home. I would totally live there!
  • Adoring all the pink, & all the cobalt : )

Photo: delicious cookie cake the boyfriend
& I had for Valentine's Day and for our two
year anniversary, which was this week : )

1 comment:

Kaylyn said...

You're welcome for the JGL blog ;) When he and I get married I suppose you can come to the wedding.

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