March 14, 2011

things that are making me happy

Hello, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty darn good. The next couple of weeks before my spring break are going to be relatively busy, but I'm feeling very optimistic about them. So, in the spirit of positivity and starting the week off on bright note, here's my latest list of things that are making me happy. What is making you happy today?

  1. Starbucks skinny vanilla lattes. Sometimes with a chocolate chip cookie.
  2. The movie Death at a Funeral (streaming instantly on Netflix!)
  3. Hearing birds chirp outside in the mornings.
  4. Hosting a yummy pasta and wine dinner for friends Saturday night.
  5. A kind neighbor returning my iPhone to me when I lost it this weekend.
  6. This amazing, inspiring article about a teenager whose leg was amputated (you must read it!).
  7. Finally starting to feel better after being under the weather for a few weeks.
  8. St. Patrick's Day on Thursday giving me the opportunity to wear a cute new green top.
  9. Already having my lesson plans for the next two weeks outlined.
  10. The weather starting to get nice enough to go for long walks in the park again with Dan and Madison.

P.S. Sorry for the accidental, not-complete posts
as of late. I swear I'll fix my posting problem!


Moosemom said...

So glad that you are feeling better!

Rachel said...

being on spring break is making me happy :) and i love hearing birds chirping too! not too long until it's warm enough to actually enjoy being outside!... at least, hopefully not too long :P

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