March 26, 2011

weekly gems

How was everyone's week? Mine went pretty well, mostly because I followed the quote above, getting enjoyment out of morning skinny vanilla lattes, thought-provoking conversations, catching up on blogs, walks with the dog, and baking brownies. I am still enjoying the little things today as Dan, Madison, and I are visiting Dan's family this weekend. We'll head back to school tomorrow, and Monday morning I'll head home for a few days...because I am finally on spring break!! : ) What are your favorite spring break activities?

  • This hydrangea cake and the painting that inspired it are both beautiful! These tiramisu cups look delicious, too. And I'd like to make these cake pops for Easter this year.
  • Awesome tips for building your blog, whether it's a design blog or not.
  • Love me some JGL ; )
  • A 200-year old love letter was found! What a feeds my hopeless romantic soul.
  • Tributes to the late, great Elizabeth Taylor - here and here. And an all-photo tribute here.
  • Super excited about Glamour's cookbook!
  • Cute and classy bangles.
  • These tips on shopping for books are excellent.
  • Thoughts on the new additions to the Oxford English Dictionary?
  • I read The Magician's Nephew for a book report in 5th grade and totally loved it. If it does actually get made into a movie, I will be first in line to see it!
  • Beautiful paintings.

Image: my Pinterest


Anna Walker said...

Aw That print is super super cute! :D
I loved the 200 year old love letter! IT was super sweet and so romantic, and so dramatic as well!
I can't wait to make engagement chicken one day!

Kelly said...

I know, I thought the 200 year old love letter was so romantic. And I think I might make engagement chicken one day soon and see what happens ; )

:) said...

JGL! JGL! JGL! I just want to watch 500 Days of Summer...or Inception.

Rachel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel said...

loooved the 200 year old love letter! of course it was in french ;)
also, the additions to the oxford english dictionary are RIDICULOUS. yeah, abbreviations are used, but they should not be added to an official dictionary. maybe if it was a slang dictionary or a dictionary of internet terms.. but not a standard one! by the way, did you look at the tags on that post? i think my favorites are "hell to the no!" "things that make me die inside" "why am i crying" and "not jon hamm" hahahaha.
love your variety of weekly gems!

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