January 13, 2011

live colorfully

If you've been following this blog for a bit, you probably have read about my love for all things Kate Spade. I of course follow Kate Spade on Twitter, and today found out about their Live Colorfully campaign for 2011! I'm pretty excited about it.

Every month has a color and Kate Spade will highlight products they offer in that color. My favorites from the red collection are the Karolina heels, the Cobble Hill Leslie, and the laptop sleeve.

They are also starting "A Colorful Collaboration," in which they will release limited edition prints and short films created by some of their favorite artists every month that relate to that month's color. January 's artist is Caitlin McGauley - love her work!

I can't wait until they do green and blue! Yellow should be fun, too. What do you guys think of this new campaign? What color(s) are you looking forward to?

1 comment:

K. Bear said...

I can't wait to see yellow!!

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