January 4, 2011

you've got mail

I am a huge fan of snail mail. I adore getting cards and letters in the mail, and I love to mail my friends cards for any occasion. Also, as a history lover (and big nerd), I feel strongly about preserving methods of communication that will be used years from now to learn about what life was like during our time. All that being said, I am excited about the United States Postal Service's 2011 commemorative stamps! While I am interested in all of them for various reasons, I'm most excited about the following:

Stamps commemorating the U.S. Civil War
fuel the history buff in me

As a former saxophonist who wishes she could get
into playing again, I love this jazz stamp

PIXAR stamps! As a huge Disney & Pixar fan,
I am super excited for these

Thanks to simplesong for calling the 2011 stamps' debut to my attention!
Do you send family and friends snail mail often? What stamps might motivate you to send some fun mail this year?


Daniel said...

Those stamps are cute!

Kaylyn said...

If I send any mail this year it will only be with a Ronald Reagan stamp.

Kelly said...

You would.

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