January 27, 2011


Hey, everyone! I hope your Thursday is treating you well so far. This week has been crazy busy and today will be my busiest day of all - but that's okay, because tomorrow is Friday! : )

I think it's really easy to get discouraged when you're tired and have been busy for days on end, especially when you still have things that you want to do or need to work on. I think it's also really easy to give up on any big goals you have if (a) you haven't made substantial progress on them for awhile and (b) that lack of progress is all you can focus on.

So, today I am inspired by a couple of things: (1) my busy week, (2) Erin's post about her "non-goals" for 2011 and (3) Kendi's confession that she puts things she's already accomplished on her to-do list in order to feel less overwhelmed about the things she has ahead of her. All this inspiration has lead me to make my own list of non-goals, or the things I'm proud of and want to keep doing:
  • Staying organized & thus less stressed
  • Eating more fruits and veggies
  • Keeping my room semi-tidy/clean
  • Thinking more intentionally about how I spend my money
  • Making quality sleep a priority
  • Blogging regularly and making connections
  • Putting family first
  • Dreaming big

The boyfriend & I after an awards ceremony this
past spring - to remind myself of what I have
done & I'm capable of doing

What are your non-goals? What do you do when you get discouraged during busy times or when struggling with goals?

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